We are web entrepreneurs who have participated in the evolvement of the World Wide Web since its first boom in the late 90s. Now we only focus on profitable web projects that we like to call "No Brainer Investments".

At this point we invest only in projects
that we acquire the majority stake.

contant no brainer investments ltd

Our portfolio companies:

  • Are pure play internet companies
  • Own and operate more than 600 web properties
  • Add value to the web
  • Cover tens of different verticals
  • Make money from web advertising

We like:

  • Pure play internet business models
  • Travel, Finance, Gaming and Software verticals
  • Online guides, comparison sites, widgets, online games, web tools, SaaS
  • PHP, MySQL, cloud infrastructure

We believe that:

  • Sites can still rely only on advertising and do fine
  • Copycat sites sometimes do better than original sites
  • Targeting a small niche is fine, it's not necessary to dominate the world

We're looking for:

  • Sites and Domains to buy
  • Internet companies to invest in
  • Synergies for our portfolio companies
  • Talented developers, writers and marketeers around the globe